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Pulpit Supply 101: A Checklist for Guest Preachers

Congratulations! Preaching the Word of God is a high honor, and one that you should take very seriously. However, guest preaching is more complicated than simply showing up and preaching. I’ve put together a checklist that I use for my own guest preaching engagements, and I’m sharing it here in hopes that it will help you as well.

Embracing the Suck in Evangelism

I’ve come to realize that for most of us, evangelism is never going to come easy. You can learn the programs and techniques of how to share your faith (and those can be useful), but at the end of the day, you still have to open your mouth and talk to that person across from you. It’s going to suck.

10 Old Books Every Christian Should Read in 2022

The prospect of reading older books can be rather daunting, particularly when it comes to Christian books. But there are older Christian works that have stood the test of time yet are more accessible to the average reader. Here are ten such works for your consideration.

Making Scripture Memory More Useful

It’s no secret that Scripture memory is a vital tool in the Christian discipleship toolbelt, but how do we avoid taking verses out of context? I propose a better way.